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Company Certification and
Registration in the Service Commun Relex (SCR) and Central Consultancy Register (CCR) of the European Commission.
Registration in the Community Public Bodies Short List

1. COMMUNITY TENDERS WITH NEGOTIATED OR SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURE: support to the registration in the Community Public Bodies Short List

The procedure aims at registering companies in the Community Public Bodies Short List, to take part to European or local Tenders with negotiated or simplified procedure.
Actually, these tenders are open only to suppliers registered in short lists. Moreover this procedure is required to take part in tenders exploiting national structural funds.

  Value (EUROS) Kind of tender Registration
SERVICES > 200.000 International Restricted Tender YES
< 200.000 Framework contract or Simplified Procedure YES
SUPPLIES > 150.000 International open tender NO
between 30.000 e 150.000 Local Open tender (only national bidders) NO
< 30.000 Simplified procedure YES
WORKS > 5.000.000 International open tender NO
> 5.000.000 International Restricted Tender (special circumstances) YES
between 300.000 e 5.000.000 Local Open tender (only national bidders) NO
< 30.000 Simplified procedure YES


Suppliers who want to take part in European Institutions Tenders (both at a central ant at a decentralised level) can register in the Central Consultancy Register.
Even if this is not compulsory since 2005, the register is still active and is used by the European Commission and by the beneficiary bodies to search for suitable subjects to be invited in tenders..
This procedure allows to register in European Commission Databases, to take part in tenders for supplies, services and works within the following European Programmes:

PHARE, OBNOVA e TACIS Eastern Europe, Russia and Mongolia included
ISPA, SAPARD, CARDS, MEDA, AL-INVEST Pre-accession countries, Balcan area, Mediterranean basin and Magreb
European Development Fund Africa, Carribean and Pacific

The service offered by Consulmarc involves preparation/assessment of the company presentation dossier to European Institutions at the CCR (Central Consultancy Register) long list.
This involves the following actions:

  • Definition of the contents of the presentation dossier;
  • Check of the consistency between company aims and the information in the dossier;
  • Check of the documents to achieve a positive evaluation;
  • Integrations according to the customer suggestions;
  • Preparation of the presentation dossier and sending to the identified bodies;
  • English (or other languages) translation, according to the concerned member state;
  • Other languages translations (not included in costs).

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