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European Academy network (EAN) –Training on EU issues

EAN was created with the aim of encouraging innovation processes and the internationalisation of enterprises and public and not-for-profit bodies. EAN’s mission is to train workers in highly strategic, international subjects, with a view of launching new operative and training initiatives and building networks and partnerships for the participation in EU projects.
The keywords that drive EAN’s work and future development are: Knowledge, Co-operation, Productivity and Dissemination.
EAN offers several listed courses (EU project management, EU tender procedures, etc.) that are considered crucial for entrepreneurs, civil servants and decision makers in the public sector for an effective access to the EU market. Furthermore, EAN organizes thematic workshops focusing on the study of EU policies in different areas (Environment, R&S, Technology). EAN’s courses provide a horizontal approach to the different market sectors and cater for the varied needs and backgrounds of a wide array of clients.
Thanks to their experience and diversified EU backgrounds, EAN’s trainers are able to offer outstanding teaching performances, recognized in the high level of customer satisfaction registered by the organisatrion. The trainers’ professional roles as EU civil servants brings an extra value to the courses, for the potential contacts and relations that they may help to develop.
Trainings include a guided visit to the European Parliament or European Commission’s premises.


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